It’s a BEAUTIFUL day!

Hello Beautiful Infinite Ones,

Today is a holiday here in the U. S. and I am so grateful not to have to wake up to the sound of an ALARM this morning!

I love days when I can wake up naturally and flow into my day with total ease. What would it take to create MORE of those kinds of days in my life?

I haven’t even left my room yet, and I can tell that today is unique and special. I’m looking forward to receiving ALL of this energy as I flow through my day, playing with my projects, children, family and friends.

I wanted to share a new service that I’ve created called the “MONEY FLOW CLEARING SESSION”. I created the Money Flow Class (next one starts in January..CLICK HERE to sign up) and I wanted to create something that would support people in continuing to release their money blocks in a tangible and concise manner. These sessions are designed to remove blocks and obstacles in the moment and with a lot of intensity (anyone who has worked with me knows that I will “push” you until you say STOP!!)….If you’re interested in trying this, I will do a 2 for 1 special. Just indicate the name of the person you’re sharing with and their email when you purchase and we will get started right away. CLICK HERE to order.

A lot of beautiful insight is coming through as I write The Oracle of Prosperity.  I am diligently working on this, so that each of you can experience the changes that you are asking for in your financial lives.  I truly believe with every pore of my body that prosperity, wealth and abundance are here for EVERYONE.  It is just a choice and sometimes we just need a little guidance in order to help us make the choices that are in alignment with what we truly desire.  I encourage you to NEVER give up on the desires of your heart and what is true for YOU.

Enjoy your day wherever you are in the world and I look forward to connecting with you this week on Reflect Radio as I host A MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT at 8pm Thursday, Pacific/Los Angeles time.  CLICK HERE to listen LIVE or to the ARCHIVE.

With Love and Gratitude for ALL,


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