What is your AWARENESS saying to YOU?

I always find it interesting when I wake up with all of these amazing ideas in my head.  I’m ready to Do, Do, Do and my body says “No, we’re going to take it easy today!”

Who’s in charge here?

From past experience, if I PUSH through and ignore this awareness, things do not go smoothly and frustration arrives saying “See, I told you so!”

I’ve learned to trust the awareness that says “stop, rest and be still”…however, I still choose to “argue”…my logical mind just requires a bit of “say so” in order to feel heard…

What is your AWARENESS saying to you right now?  Are you listening?  Is there something being suggested that you’ve been ignoring for a while?  Do you allow your logical mind to overrule anything that “doesn’t make sense”?  What would it take for you to trust this very wise aspect of YOU?

Learning to listen to and follow the guidance of your awareness (also called intuition, higher self, etc.) is sometimes difficult when we are surrounded by people who want everything to “make sense”.

We are taught to “figure it out”, “think about it” and do the “logical” thing from the time we are children.

From my perspective, when it “makes sense”, that just means we’re comfortable and when it doesn’t “make sense”, we’ve just come up to the demarcation line of our comfort zone with the opportunity to step forward and explore something new or run in terror.

Where will you allow YOUR awareness to lead you today?

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With Love and Gratitude for ALL,

Shelli L. Speaks


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