Money flow too slow?

EUROS,jpgLots of people are doing all that they know how to do to create positive changes in their money flows.  They aren’t getting the results that they want and if they are seeing tangible changes in their realities, it’s just not happening fast enough.  Where are those windfalls?  Where is the infinite supply?  Where is the abundance that is supposed to be available at al times and in all situations?

My intention is not to discourage you, however, I’d like you to really examine where you are, where you’re going and where you’ve been in order to get some perspective regarding the journey that you’ve embarked on toward prosperity consciousness.

One of the biggest factors are the changes that are taking place in the mass consciousness.  The masses have been programmed for eons to adopt and operate through a poverty consciousness.  To my knowledge, there has never been an attempt to educate, re-create or empower the masses around money, and I don’t foresee that in the near future.  Yes, there are individuals, like myself who are doing what they can to help people see with different eyes and move through their financial life with awareness, however, this is more on an individual basis.   Keep in mind that when you raise your vibration around money, you do affect those around you, so it helps, however, at this time, it’s a very slow process in terms of affecting the masses.

Another factor will be your family programming.  This isn’t just about the family that raised you…it’s deeper than that.  It’s about the mindset of your ancestors, your genetic encoding and the heavy frequencies that literally live in your cells that affect your money flows.  Your ancestors/parents either had a prosperity mindset or a poverty mindset.  Your current situation has been greatly influenced by these energetic factors.

Operating in a prosperity consciousness is your target, however, you must be very loving and gentle with yourself as you begin to heal these (and many other) factors in your life.  It’s a process that is very personal to each one of us and it’s important to LOVE yourself as you learn, integrate and behave in new ways around money.

What can you do to speed things up?  Stop asking for money.

In truth, we really want things that can actually be obtained without money.  Ask for Joy, Love, Peace, Happiness, Harmony, Luxury, Well-Being, Vibrant Health, Sex, Delicious Food, Good Clothes, Luxury Vehicle, a Luxury Vacation, a Beautiful Home and see what begins to show up for you.  Yes, money may arrive, simply because that is one of the easiest methods of energy exchange that we have on the planet, however, be ready for some surprises too!

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I encourage you to stay focused on your alignment with prosperity consciousness.  Doing so affects the lives of those in your environment and many generations in the future.

Be Wealthy, Be Abundant, Be Prosperous now!




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