Time to get outside…

natureMany of you are now feeling a bit more aligned with the NEW frequencies that have come into the Earth plane.  It’s now time to align your actions with this NEW energy, space and consciousness.

Most of us are now on the other side of the recalibration of our energy fields and bodies.  Our “normal” sleep patterns are returning or we have made the required adjustment to the NEW sleep pattern that our body has implemented.

We have done the energetic resonance and now it’s time to do the same in our actions and daily activities.

The biggest message that’s been coming through for me personally is to get OUTSIDE.  There are many facets to this recommendation.  One of the main benefits is that NATURE is here to support us energetically.  The stars, the sun, the moon, the plants, the flowers, the wind, the rain….everything is designed to help you stay energetically connected to Source.  Just spending time in your back yard can be of great benefit to you in many ways.

It’s also important to get outside and energetically share your LIGHT, your high frequency, with those in your environment.  You can now just literally be somewhere, near other people and effect massive energetic changes in the world.

It’s time to meet new people, go new places and really see the world with fresh eyes.  There are possibilities, opportunities and adventures waiting for you now.

These connections with the NEW will be made by you getting out of your comfort zone and trying something NEW.

Get offline and get outside now!

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With Love and Gratitude for ALL,




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