What are you willing to transform?

butterflytransformationMore and more people are coming into an awareness that they can have a better experience and relationship with money in their lives.

People are excited and ready to take their next steps in the adventure of expansion, receiving and actually enjoying their financial reality.

They start out strong, ready to take the required action steps and then the TRANSFORMATION begins.  Things begin to change in tangible ways.  Old frequencies begin to dissolve and dissipate and it appears that their reality is falling apart.

The old reality of poverty consciousness begins to slip away.  A reality that has been an integral part of the way they have been operating in the world.  As this occurs, many people become frightened and decide that the change is to great, too massive, too overwhelming and suddenly begin to sabotage their progress.

Instead of flowing through the TRANSFORMATION into a new beginning, they begin to re-create their old reality, carefully placing all the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects back into place, creating a false sense of comfort and security.

From this space, they justify their choice to stay in the status quo by saying…all is well, I’m fine, I don’t require any more money, joy or freedom in my life.

If you’re choosing to transform your financial life, operating from an energy, space and consciousness of fear will not make it easy.  Fear will hold you back, cause you to doubt your intuition and knowing, will keep you stuck, stopped and stagnant for the rest of your life.

If you want to align with a new frequency with money, you’re going to have to let the old one go.  This is a matter of physics.  You can’t simultaneously hold onto a poverty consciousness and a prosperity consciousness.  You have to pick one.

Choosing to TRANSFORM any area of your life is a big step, however, actually moving through the TRANSFORMATIONAL process is an even bigger step.

How much are you willing to TRANSFORM today?

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