Asking BIG Questions

Last week I asked a question that sent ripples of change flowing through my life like a seismic wave.  As things began to fall apart, rearrange and come back together, it reminded me of one of my favorite movies “Inception”.

I can perceive this question still zipping through the space-time continuum, backward and forward, creating dynamic ripples of change in every area of my life and living.  It’s scary and thrilling at the same time!

When I asked this question, I was really in a space of demanding more of me, choosing something greater and literally fed up with the way some things have showed up in the past.

I was aware that everything and everyone was not going forward with me into the new space that I’m creating for myself.  Some would get the energetic message and go with me and some would not.  Either way was fine with me.

People, places, things and situations shifted dynamically.  I looked around to see who and what was still with me and I was pleasantly surprised by what and who remained.

What was this BIG question you ask?  Well, I initially began this blog to share it with you.  That’s just who I am.  When something dynamically creates change for me, my first impulse is to share it with the world, however, when I checked in with the energy of sharing it with the world, I became aware that it wouldn’t actually be a contribution to everyone.  Everyone is not choosing this type of dynamic change, in fact, it would not even be received the way my logical mind “thought” it would be received.

My current awareness is to share it with clients who are ASKing for this type of change in their lives.  Not those that are talking about change … those that are BEing change and demanding bigger changes of themselves.

I’m also aware that my BIG question is not your BIG question and respectfully it’s important to acknowledge that we’re all ASKing for different things, in different ways and none of it is right or wrong.

What’s your BIG ask right now?  Are you really ASKing or are you just thinking and talking about it?  Are you BEing your ASK or are you keeping it in the future like a dream, wish, hope or fantasy?

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, we as a collective are moving through dynamic changes like never before.  Many of us are choosing beyond our comfort zones and expanding into new spaces and places and some people are choosing to reformat back into old realities … their comfort zones.  The choice you’re making is not right or wrong, just be conscious and aware of it.

If you’d like more information or facilitation (more ease!) in navigating your BIG question or if you’re not even sure what your BIG question is, I invite you to play with me in a CHANGE IT NOW session.  This is the space where we can quickly get to what you’d like to have and clear the energies that are keeping you from it.  I wonder what’s possible beyond what your mind is saying is impossible?

I invite you to ask your BIG question, to BE your big question and to allow your reality to shift and change accordingly, knowing that your ASK is being answered right now.

In gratitude,





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