Are you Reformatting into an Old Financial Reality?

Friday, I was on the phone with a client and she was demanding to know what the hell happened?  You see, she began a journey of changing her financial reality and used some tools that I gave her to create some really great changes that she was happy with.  She decided that she didn’t require coaching any more and continued to enjoy her life.

All of a sudden, out of the blue (or so it seemed … it took about six months) her financial reality shifted and changed and money started to dry up, come in and go out immediately and even just disappear.

“What happened?”, she asked.

After looking at the energy around it, I explained to her that she was simply reformatting back into her comfort zone with money.

For most of her childhood and adulthood, she had been in the struggle of money, with financial troubles, public assistance, poverty, etc. and even though that’s not her TRUTH as an infinite being, it was definitely her comfort zone.

I see this often, especially with people who grew up in families and homes that had a poverty consciousness, or who struggled, or worked extremely hard for very little money.

There are some clients that do make the money and keep themselves in a very “healthy” financial state, however, they work very hard, sometimes to the point of stress related dis-ease to do this.

I even know a couple that would be considered millionaires, however, they literally create huge money problems, complications, IRS issues over and over again, because this is their comfort zone.  They are comfortable with financial problems, so they just create them at the million dollar level.

What does this look like from an energetic perspecitive?  The client begins to use tools to create a change in their financial reality.  The tools work (tools work for everyone) and the client is happy.  Then they stop.

Yep.  They decide that they’ve arrived and all is well (and it really does appear that way) and they stop creating.


Everything feels great.  It’s time to lay on the beach and drink Mai Tai’s, right? NO!!!!!!!

Financial problems, issues, and struggles, are just ways that the universe can tangibly show us where we are not receiving.  It’s where we can really “feel” it and perceive it, however, these are usually just the tip of the iceberg to what’s really going on below the surface.  There are probably a lot of ways we don’t receive and allow ourselves to be the wealth and abundance we truly be, however, when a money problem shows up, the universe has our attention.

The point is, it’s important to stay conscious, aware and to keep creating in every area of your life, especially your financial life.  This isn’t about greed or having to be a billionaire.  It’s about choosing to be the energy of wealth, abundance and receiving in all ways and at all times, not just when you have a money problem.

This week, we are going to ACTIVATE YOUR FINANCIAL REALITY. You can join this class live or listen to the recording later.  This is about moving, shifting and changing the energy of your comfort zone, so that you can actually uplevel into something brand new.

I wonder what it would be like to have a comfort zone of wealth, abundance and financial ease?  What would it take to reformat back into THAT?

Also, join me this Wednesday at 6pm Los Angeles/Pacific for another episode of CHANGE IT NOW, where we will talk more about this topic.

I’ll connect with you soon!




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