21 Days of Receiving

Are you experiencing blocks, obstacles or barriers to receiving money, love, friendships, clients, fun, playfulness, joy and celebration?

Are you allowing your body to receive all of the delicious, orgasmic, pleasures of life?

Would you like to receive more of everything?


Join us for 21 days of energy pulls and meditations to open you and your energy field to receiving MORE!  CLICK HERE to download a FREE sample of Day One.

You will receive:

  • 21 Energy Pulls/Meditations to open up your energy field to receive more
  • Access to the 21 Days of Receiving private Facebook page


Beings of Consciousness ~ Receiving With Your Body ~ Energy Pulls ~ Receiving with the Earth ~ Receiving Money ~ Receiving Others ~ Receiving Gold ~ Receiving Nature ~ What Would You Like Your Life to Be like?  ~ Romantic Relationships and more!

“After Day one, I received a very unexpected child support payment.  This process is POTENT!…and it’s not just that…it’s the intangibles too…receiving energies, people, challenges…it’s like I am receiving EVERYTHING with no trauma or drama.  It’s really cool.” ~ A. Smith, USA

***We are LIVE at 5am Pacific ~ 6am Mountain ~ 7am Central ~ 8am Eastern from July 9th through July 29th, 2018 ~ If you purchase during this time you will receive the call information to participate live OR you can purchase the recordings to listen to at any time

Cost ~ $25

“Truly, this 21 days of meditation is amazing!  Great to wake up to in the morning and go to bed at night.  Since beginning these meditations, I have received so much peace, joy and creativeness with ease.  I know there’s more to come!” ~ Deidre, USA

“I love listening to Shelli and this journey is just as perfect. From the first call I’ve listened to, non stop yawning, which is how I know I’m shifting energy. Feeling more settled in a stressful time and looking forward to seeing what else is possible. Thank you Shelli for taking us with you on this journey. ” ~ Alexis, Australia

“Shelli is one of the best in the game. Shelli will help teach you how to expand yourself through self-mastery (mastery of thoughts and emotions) and she helps you reach a higher level of consciousness. Her mediations take you on a journey of receiving, expanding, energy clearing, and consciousness. I set my intention for each mediation and listen to Shelli guide me. I am definitely standing in my truth. Thank you Shelli for giving me the tools to stand in my truth and find my higher self. Love you!” ~  Dr. Kim, USA

“The energy pulls have made a huge difference in helping me clear away blocks I have put up regarding receiving in my life. I am clearing away years of habits and thought patterns that get in the way of what I am receiving. Wonderful tool as I can listen over and over. I always have them.” ~ Tammy, USA

“I have totally enjoyed the 21 Days of Receiving with Shelli Speaks as it has allowed me to keep myself expanded and be in total allowance of actually everything my body is requiring at the moment. The best part is that I can listen to the recordings over and over to gain deeper and deeper transformation! Thanks Shelli Speaks!” ~ Sherry, USA

“Every call in Shelli’s 21 days of receiving helps open your body and beyond up to receiving more, joy, abundance, money flows, new experiences. Definitely a must experience as it will be a total contribution to your life.” ~ Jennifer, USA