Being Ease, Joy, and Glory in Business

This BUSINESS MASTERMIND has been created so that you can create your business with total ease, joy and glory.

Group Coachinng:

  • Be aware of the TARGET of your business
  • Be aware of how much money your business would like to generate
  • Learn how to commune, connect and be with your business with ease
  • Learn how to pull energy for clients, customers and more
  • Learn how to keep the energy of your business as ease, joy and glory no matter what
  • Be aware of what your business requires to expand, thrive and grow
  • Clear energies that don’t allow you to have ease and fun in your business
  • Get clear on what you would like your business to create with YOU

Our next session: 6pm Los Angeles/Pacific on  20 AUGUST 2019

We will connect on ZOOM and all calls are recorded for you to add to your library and listen to again for more awareness.

Cost: $55/montly