Business Creation

This is your invitation to participate in my newest creation:  BUSINESS GENERATION, CREATION & MAGIC.  There has been a very loud demand in my universe to create something new that contributes to the generation, creation and magic of business in a way that honors every area of our lives.  In my reality, business is not a separate world from me.  I am business generation and creation and I am also this same energy in every area of my life.  Business is a constant companion waking me up in the middle of the night, connecting me with people all over the world and sometimes creating the chaos required to expand me into new realities.

This monthly program is designed to give you the space to ask your business questions and receive the tools and processes to generate, create and expand your energy and your business (your own business or your role in someone else’s business) in a way that honors you and your lifestyle.  It’s designed to teach you how to make business a co-creation, a playfulness, a space of possibilities and to avoid all energies that are associated with the word “work”. (I won’t be using that again! LOL).

The monthly program includes:

  • Monthly group ZOOM meetings (seeing your face will expand and contribute to the energy, however you will be able to dial in)
  • Clearing Loop from all the questions that come up during the call
  • Group remote healing session once a month
  • Closed Facebook page for questions, comments and sharing

During our ZOOM  session, you will be able to ask any question(s) you desire to contribute to your business generation, expansion, thriving and growth.



Program Costs: Total $55.55/monthly