A CHANGE IT NOW session where you allow me to facilitate you into a new space, a new possibility and the awareness of new choices that you can make.

Are you stuck in your head, trying to figure out HOW?  Are you asking WHY?

Are you limiting yourself with your logical mind?

Can you see only one solution or no solution at all to your current situation?

Have you  decided change is impossible?

A CHANGE IT NOW session will allow you to release energies that are blocking, stopping and/or stagnating you.  It will open you up and expand your energy field so that you can perceive and receive something NEW.

CHANGE IT NOW sessions are designed to quickly move you beyond any and all limitations and open you up to new choices, possibilities and receiving.

CHANGE IT NOW sessions address depression, limitations, deep rooted fear, frustration, confusion, survival, lack, “I don’t know”, lack of creativity, writers block, grief, loss, money issues, relationship issues and more.  What would you like to change that you’ve decided was impossible to change?

CHANGE IT NOW ~ 20 minute session ~ $45

CHANGE IT NOW ~ 40 minute session ~ $75


5 ~ 20 minutes sessions ~ $180 (One session free)

5 ~ 40 minute sessions ~ $300 (One session free)