Choice & Possibilities with Money Club

Do you struggle with money?

Have you reached a point where you’ve actually created money, however you can’t seem to expand into more?

Are you comfortable talking about money?

Do you have a lot of debt and can’t figure out how to resolve it?

Is your business at a standstill?

Do you actually create lots of money and then spend it all?

Would you just like to have more money to play with because it’s fun?

Join the club and let’s discuss money, share tips, and tools and clear out the blocks and obstacles that keep you from having money and expanding into more!

Are you willing to show up, look at your “stuff” and get clear on how to have more?

Join us!

March calls ~ March 8th & 22nd,  2018 at 6 pm Los Angeles/Pacific

Regular Club Membership ~ $97/m0

  • Bi-Weekly Group Money Calls ONLY + recording

VIP Club Membership ~ $444/m0

  • Bi-Weekly Group Money Calls
  • Clearing Loops from all calls
  • Bi-Weekly 30 minute Money Clearing & Creation Sessions
  • Private Group Page w/Weekly Facebook Lives with tips and tools for expanding your financial reality