Relationship Rewind


Are you and your body receiving what you actually require?  Are you clear yourself on what you require?  Do the people, places and things in your life provide generative energy for your life and living OR are they drainging your life force? Are you truly living OR are you slowly dying?

As we transition through the current Venus Retrograde (Oct 5 through Nov 17th), it’s a perfect time to look at how we are relating in life.  How much beauty are you being and receiving?  How much generative energy are you being and receiving?  How much do the people, places, things and situations you surround yourself with allow you the space and energy to create the life that you and your body truly desire?

This series of classes, readings and personal clearing loops are designed to unwind you from the lies and untruths from your previous choices, the collective, family, past lives, the patriarchy, christianity/Victorian Era, etc. that you have been living in, that don’t allow you to create the energy of generation with all of your relations.

What you’ll receive…

  • CLASS ONE ~ 17 October 2018 @ 6pm Los Angeles/Pacific ~ Taking a look at where we are now in terms of relating with others as a collective and individually, where our bodies and beings are receiving generative energies and where we are being drained of life force energy.  We will shift the energy so that we are aware and in allowance of what is true for us in this area.
  • PERSONAL READING ~ To be completed between October 18th & October 24th ~ To clearly “see” how you’re currently relating to people, places and things and what’s required to uplevel and upgrade that into a life where everything is gifting you generative energies.
  • PERSONAL CLEARING LOOP ~ To be completed between October 18th & October 24thThis is created from your reading and will clear energies between classes.  You will be instructed on the various ways to use it.
  • CLASS TWO ~ October 31st @ 6pm Los Angeles/Pacific ~ Tips and tools to discover what truly contributes generative energy to you and your body and how to create it moving forward as your life and living.  How to be with non-generative jobs, children, spouses, parents, other family members, etc. without having to eliminate them from your life.
  • CLASS THREE ~ November 7th @ 6pm Los Angeles/PacificAnswer questions, comments and anything you have about creating generative energy in your life.  Energy infusion to help you and your body BE this energy all the time and to recognize when you’re choosing this and when you’re not.
  • PERSONAL READING ~ To be completed between Nov 8th & Nov 14thTo “see” where you are now with relating.
  • PERSONAL CLEARING LOOP ~ To be completed between Nov 8th & Nov 14th ~ NEW clearing loop for you to use going forward.  Your energy will be very different now and a new loop will be appropriate.

***You can participate LIVE or listen to the class recordings***

This class will help improve your existing relationships with family, friends, spouses, roomates, co-workers, bosses, etc. and help you create new connections with people, places and things that will truly support the generation and creation of your life.

What would it be like to have people, places and things in your life that create more for you just by their presence?  What would it be like to live fully without anything or anyone slowing you down or stopping your forward movement?  What would it be like to have a partner that generates creative energy with and for you just because of who they choose to be?  What woud it be like to BE with the people who are incapable of providing the generative energy you require with total ease and zero judgment?

Let’s play!

Cost ~ $300

Payment Options:  Google Pay ( ~ Venmo (@shellispeaks) ~ or PayPal (CLICK HERE)

Pay in Full ~ $300

Two payments ~ $150/mo

Three payments ~ $100/mo