Change It Now VIP Coaching

Do you have the desire to change, expand and improve your life?

Are you aware that change is possible, yet don’t know where to begin, or what your next action step is?

Do certain changes seem difficult, exceptionally hard, or show up as a  challenge?

What if it was easier than you think?

Light travels from the Sun, which is about 94.48 million miles away, in about eight seconds.  You are light and you have the gift, talent, ability, potency, and capacity to initiate and catalyze change at that speed or faster.

This coaching program provides you with the tools required to change any area of your life, initiating change whenever you choose.

A weekly combination of private and group coaching sessions, keep you moving forward in the creation of your goals, targets, and priorities with total support and total access to me.

Would you like more money? Would you like more fun?  Would you like more freedom? Would you like more adventure? Would you like more wealth, luxury and abundance? What are you asking for?  YOU CAN HAVE IT!

What you receive:  Bi-weekly 30-minute Change It Now VIP coaching sessions ~ Bi-weekly group coaching session via Zoom or telephone ~ Unlimited access to me via a private Facebook page, email, and text.  You are never alone and your questions will be answered promptly.

This program also addresses the following:

  • Expanding into more Money
  • Getting clear on your targets, goals, and priorities
  • Knowing what’s required of you and what actions to take
  • Confidence in your ability to create your life
  • Releasing fear, anxiety, stress, strain, worry, doubt, uncertainty
  • Being the POWER you truly be
  • Creating beyond the logical mind
  • Co-creating with your body

Change It Now VIP Coaching ~ $297/Monthly