Private Coaching Four Week Programs

Based on the awareness of the energies of “speed of space”, I know that programs lasting six months or a year are no longer required for everyone.  I’m finding that if one is choosing change, it can happen VERY quickly.  I’m offering several four-week programs (or we can customize one for you) to quickly shift areas of your life that keep you from expanding, thriving and growing in your life.

Stop Judging YOU ~ When you judge YOU, it’s not possible to be in gratitude for you.  If you find that you’re constantly judging yourself, which keeps your life stuck, stagnant and “looping”, this four-week program will give you the tools and techniques to shift you out of judgment and into the gratitude of you.  I wonder what it would be like to be in gratitude of you all the time?

Creating Relationships, Communions and Connections that work for YOU ~ Is your dating life a disaster or non-existent?  Are you currently in a relationship that isn’t really “doing it” for you?  This four-week program will teach you how to choose connections (romantic and otherwise) that actually contribute to you.  We will deconstruct the “old” stuff that you previously created with and create a new template that will allow you to have people in your life (yes, it will shift ALL of your relationships) that actually contribute to you.  I wonder what it would be like to be have relationships that are easy, kind and nurturing to me and my body?

Being YOU with Money ~ Are you at your wits end financially?  Have you tried all the books, workbooks, classes, etc and still have zero change in your finances?  This four week program will allow you to lovingly (I am not about judging) look at the core issues creating your current financial reality and give you the tools to make NEW choices that are in alignment with your truth (you are naturally and organically a wealthy being).  I wonder what it would be like to have total ease with money?

Having EASE with YOUR Body ~ Is your body changing and you don’t know why?  Bloating, fatigue, etc.  Is your body rejecting foods, creating allergic reactions and basically just being a brat?  This program will teach you how to commune with your body so that you can honor it’s request and co-create a future that is physically easy.  I wonder what it would be like to always be in communion with your body?

Growing your Spiritual Business ~ Are you a healer, life coach, intuitive reader, reiki master, etc. and NOT making money in your business?  Are you really great at what you do, however the business aspects really suck?  This program will teach you how you create business with ease, so that you can “do what you do” without allowing the “business” tasks to stagnate or stop your business.  I wonder what it would be like to growing your business to be easy?

Getting out lack, fear and poverty consciousness with Money ~ Are you in a constant state of fear around money?  Do bills and bank accounts create anxiety and stress whenever you look at them or talk about them?  Do you keep your financial reality hidden because you are perceiving that it’s too embarrassing to even talk about?  Are you ready to change all of this?  This program gives you the tools and techniques to have more ease with your money.  I wonder what it would be like for you to deal with your finances without going into stress, strain, strife and anxiety?

I Fucked Up! ~ Did you create a whole bunch of crap in your life and now you don’t now how to get out of it?  Are you trying to back peddle in order to “fix” things?  Are you hiding out, so that no one knows that you messed up?  Did you overdraw that checking account again?  Are you beating yourself up and tearing yourself down as a way to punish you?  Did you go back to your ex and now regret it?  Is the IRS, local police or your boss on their way to your house now?  This program is here to help!  I’ve guided people out (or through or around) of huge IRS situations, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) situations, legal/court situations (divorce, child custody, traffic tickets, etc.)  What would it be like to have someone 100% in your corner, who didn’t judge you and actually contributed to helping you change your situation?

Fresh Start ~ Are you ready for something NEW?  Is your life “okay” and you’d like to make it “juicy, orgasmic and delicious”?  Did you just have an ending, like a divorce, retirement, loss of a job/ etc. that has provided a clear space for you to create something new in?  This program will assist you in getting to the core of what will create a joyful life and put you on the path to creating it.  I wonder what’s possible now that you’ve never even considered?

Upgrading your Spiritual Tools and Techniques ~ Have you been using the same tools and techniques and now wonder why nothing is working for you? Are you ready to give your tools an upgrade (just like you would technology)? Are you ready to explore the tools that would allow you to really create with ease in the “speed of space” energies that we’re flowing in?  I wonder what you could create if you had the tools in your toolbox that actually worked for you?

Learn to read the Tarot for yourself ~ Yes, you can read for yourself and if anyone has told you any differently, know that it’s not true. Would you like to spend four weeks with me learning how to read for yourself?  I have been reading the tarot for over 30 years and can give you a very conscious way to receive information and with a lot of ease.  I wonder how the Tarot can contribute to your forward movement in life?

Learn to read the Tarot for others ~ Would you like to read for others for fun or to create more money in your life?  Join me as I teach you how to have a “successful” reading for others every time.  **Pre-requisite “Learn to read the Tarot for Yourself” ~ I wonder how much contribution you could be, “reading” the Tarot for others?

Being SEEN in the World ~ Are you hiding your gifts, talents, abilities, and capacities from others?  Do you have a business or product that no one knows about?  Do you keep yourself small and/or invisible with the false belief that you’re keeping yourself safe?  Is money having a hard time finding you?  This program teaches you how to be seen, be all of you and be in the world without fear.  I wonder what you could be, do, have or create, just by allowing the world to see you?

CUSTOM Program ~ We can customize something JUST FOR YOU!

All four-week programs are $444

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