Living Energetically

Are you often wondering what’s going on energetically on the planet?

Are you being a victim to the energies (Full Moons, Retrogrades, etc.) OR are you harnessing these energies to create your life?

This program will give you Monthly and Daily information about the energies flowing on the planet AND how to utilize them to your advantage and the creation of your life.

“I love being a part of the Living Energetically program! It’s like a heads up, if not a wake up to what is happening energetically. Having this information is a really big contribution to my life. Shelli’s talents and her knowing gives me new opportunities to live a dynamic life just by listening to her forecasts and choosing consciously for greater in my life. You really should be choosing this for you!!” ~ L. Jackson, Arizona, USA

“I always look forward to the daily, weekly, and monthly messages offered by Shelli in the Living Energetically Program. It’s a “head’s-up” for what’s coming in energetically; I listen to the recordings immediately and make notes in my journal. I can then use my tools and choose to navigate each day with ease. Shelli is so accurate in her readings and clearly reveals what’s going on in the collective (as well as what’s happening with me personally!). I am very aware that with this information I am SO much better-equipped to focus on my targets and priorities and actually BE the energies of joy, ease, and grace.” ~ A. Smith, Massachusetts, USA

What you’ll receive:

  • Monthly Energy Forecast
  • Weekly Energy Forecast
  • Daily energetic updates on our private Facebook page (this program is facilitated and updated through Facebook)

Cost ~ $45 a month

$450 annually  ~ Save $90 (2 Months)