Magical Monthly Gifts

Shelli’s Magical Monthly Gifts

Monthly Gifts are selected by me based on the energies flowing for the month. Each month you will receive the following: A smudging tool OR an Aromatherapy Spray, a piece of sacred jewelry OR a sacred energy tool and a delicious surprise (surprises will be items like candles, sun catchers, spiritual figurines, chakra tools or a free tarot reading from me…it’s a surprise!)

Smudging Tools

Smudging is a sacred Native American ceremony in which smoke from sacred herbs is used to purify and clear the energy of a space, person or object. The most common herb is White Sage, however there are other choices like Black Sage – Mugwort, Blue Sage- Desert Sage, Cedar, and Yerba Santa for example.

Aromatherapy Sprays

Aromatherapy sprays are used to create a vibrational change when sprayed in a room, on an object or on the body. These are also great to use as an alternative to smudging when smoke is undesirable.

Sacred Jewelry

Each piece of sacred jewelry is selected by me and will contain genuine gemstones and if appropriate (necklace chains and ring settings, etc.) will be set in sterling silver.

Sacred Energy Tools

Each energy tool is selected by me and made from genuine gemstones. There will be a variety of items sent. Examples, healing wands, pendulums, orgone generators, alter tools, oracle cards, etc.

Subscribe to this monthly service for $39.99 a month (including shipping in the USA…if you’re outside of the USA, please contact me for your monthly subscription)


***If subscribed after the 20th of the month, you will receive the monthly gift for the next month***