Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings are my favorite!  I’ve been reading the cards oragnically, naturally, and without any type of training since I was 14 years old…that’s over 30 years!  

A tarot reading will provide you with clear energetic information about any situation in your life; Romance, money, business, health, children, pets and anything else that is important to you!  It will help you get out of denial and truly see the truth of a situation so that you can make clear choices for your future.  

Tarot readings are not desinged to tell you what to do (that’s up to you!).  They are designed to provide you with accurate energetic information (like taking a picture of “what is”) so that you can take your next “right” step.  

$25 ~ 10 Card Spread delivered to your email as an MP3 Recording.



$50 ~ LIVE 30 minute Reading via telephone or Zoom (recorded).


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