Tarot Readings


This reading will reveal the primary mental, spiritual, emotional or physical energy that may be blocking, stopping or stagnating any area of your life in the present moment.

My ability to “read” and “see” energy, allows me to help YOU move through unconscious fears, old belief systems, past life issues and anything else that stops your ability to receive, align or expand into MORE abundance with ease.

During our time together I will use various energetic tools to help you clear, release and shift forward.  I will also provide recommendations to help you align with a prosperous future.

Please note:  This reading is not a predictive, psychic reading.  The focus of this reading will be to determine where you are NOW and what tools you can incorporate to move forward with as much ease as possible

$125 ~ One Hour Session

“There is always a solution to any problem you’re perceiving”

I am able to connect with you anywhere in the world via Skype or U. S. Telephone

$75 ~ 30 Minute Session



Are you ready to get clarity and focus for your path to take action?  It is my experience from engaging Shelli, from listening to her Blog Talk Radio shows and the Money Flow™ Prosperity Reading that Shelli is very good at the readings, right on point with the guidance that came about, thorough in covering all areas that were useful.  No fluffing about straight to whats useful and helpful.  Shelli is a delight and very easy to communicate with.  Without any hesitation, I recommend Shelli for Coaching and readings. ~ Paul S., Australia

“Shelli is an extraordinarily gifted intuitive and angel channeller – my intuitive clearing and coaching session with her was detailed, revealing and extremely helpful.  I achieved clarity and I feel confident about the steps I must take to clear my “stuff” and experience abundance!  Her clearing statements are powerful; I felt the shifts physically (and continue to release each time I listen to the re-play).  I have worked with many other energy workers, and Shelli is second to none!  She is kind, compassionate, grounded, and accurate.  I highly recommend her sessions and courses!” ~   Angie, USA


“I met with Shelli not that long ago and I have to say we connected really well right off the bat.  I don’t let a lot of people read for me, but using my own intuition I knew that she would be a good choice.  She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable right at the start of the call.   Shelli loves to just dive right in and get to the core of whatever might be blocking you and any issues that are at the forefront in your life right now.  I love the clearings that she does and the insight she provides when doing them is fantastic.  It’s more than just a reading, and that is why I feel like I got such a great session with Shelli.  I left feeling hopeful, motivated, and a lot lighter in regards to the struggles I have been going through lately.  She assured me of a few things and put a lot into perspective.  Overall, my session with Shelli was extremely helpful, insightful, and just plain fun.  She has a great style and sense of humor and it felt like I was connecting with an old friend.  She truly is gifted and is a master at her craft.  I would recommend her to anyone.” ~ Ken Dawes, USA ~ Psychic Readings by Ken Dawe

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