Ten Ways to Change It Now

Ten Ways to Change it NOW

  • Are you putting off until tomorrow, what you could actually change right now?
  • Do you spend time thinking about the changes you’d like to create in your life, however have no idea how to begin?
  • Are you great at starting things, however, lose momentum once things begin to change?
  • Would you like a boost of energy that you can choose again and again to activate the things that you’re already changing?
  • Are you stuck?
  • Are you bored?
  • Would you like to have at least ten tools at your fingertips, available to use, on the spot, whenever you choose?

The next several months are energetically gifting us a time of great change.  You can either resist this energy or you can embrace it and use it to facilitate you forward into something brand NEW.

The Zooms have been created to be short, sweet and energetically potent, delivering you tools and energy to create change NOW.

I wonder what’s actually possible NOW that you’ve never even considered?

You can connect via Zoom or telephone on Mondays, 6pm Los Angeles/Pacific beginning August 26, 2019, to get your week rocking and moving in the right direction.  You can participate LIVE or receive the recording later.

What you will receive:

  • Ten 30  minute zooms with tools and energy to initiate change immediately
  • Ten mp3 recordings to remind yourself of the magic and potency you truly be
  • Private Facebook group to ASK questions and share the change you’re being and choosing in your life and living.

COST ~ $197 ~ CLICK HERE to purchase.